Capital Arts Distribution, Push Worldwide

Bringing Film Makers and Film Buyers Together

Push Worldwide is a Los Angeles based film sales and distribution company that began as a protest. It emerged from the knowledge and ire of its founding filmmakers, who encountered the harsh realities of film distribution during careers that spanned several hundred feature films.

In short, PUSH began with the need for a FILMAKER'S distributor in Hollywood. And from that, it derived its mission. 

PUSH recognizes that FILMAKERS on one hand, and FILM BUYERS on the other, have needs that are best met by a DISTRIBUTOR who is equally at ease with either perspective. 



We're tired of getting ripped off.

Filmmakers seek a home where they can place not only their films, but also their trust. They want a PARTNER who shares their interests and knows their point of view, firsthand. And they're tired of getting the runaround. 

Fourteen hour days on the set are hard enough but doing all that work, for all that time, and then seeing it all eaten away by a gatekeeper to the marketplace is the most discouraging aspect of the whole endeavor. In fact, to the creative spark within filmmakers, the result is often FATAL.

At the same time, FILM BUYERS want reliable access to inventive, cutting edge, yet reasonably priced product; they want to work with a DISTRIBUTOR with strong relationships on the creative side, and a product line that reflects repeatable success. 



We want access to films that are tied to the marketplace, and a distribution partner with ever more features in the pipeline.

Ideally, this would be a distributor with rising stars, carefully handled artists, personal attentions, and real access to unfinished gems -- along with the ability to polish them to dazzling results.

Indeed, for buyers, the ideal partner is someone who knows QUALITY OVER QUANITITY; a colleague who listens, and then delivers.

And this, in sum, is the mission statement for PUSH WORLDWIDE: identifying, and then pushing, worthy films... pushing the envelope on what it means to be a filmmaker’s distributor in the 21st century... 

but most of all, pushing creative producers and likeminded buyers TOGETHER for mutual benefit.